Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does cocoa butter really help dark spots?

I have a lotion by suave, and its supposed to be mostly cocoa butter, but somebody told me that it just darkens the skin instead of fading dark spots! Is this true or false?Does cocoa butter really help dark spots?
Suave lotion should not be considered as cocoa butter, it is lotion.

Cocoa butter does remove spots.

Get a (pure) cocoa butter stick and while you are watching TV or just sitting, apply it - over and over again.

Lemon juice also removes dark spots - you should do this at night about 20 minutes before your bath or shower

In a few weeks you will be spot-freeDoes cocoa butter really help dark spots?
You should avoid the sun when you use the citric acid (lemon juice) on your skin.

The acid is a chemical peel, your skin may feel rough the first few days-in a week (or 2) it will feel like silk.

%26gt;%26gt;To stop the acid peel-apply oil. Oil is good. Olive oil, pure vegetable oil... Report Abuse

You can lighten your skin with any citric fruit - pineapple (this is strong), orange, lime, apple, crushed (not ripe) grapes, papaya... or milk.

Spoiled milk works faster. Apply it with a cotton pad and wash it off immediately or wait a few minutes. Report Abuse

The citric and lactic acid are considered as a chemical peel, your skin may peel and flake the first few days - but in a week (or two) your skin will feel like silk.

%26gt;%26gt;Avoid the sun. To stop the action of the acid peel - apply oil. Oil fron the kitchen is good. Olive oil, pure vegetable oil... Report Abuse

i will try that Report Abuse

TRUE because my aunt used it when she was in jamaica and she just got darker

plus the best thin to so is use DOVE beauty bar and Jergens lotion that what i do and it works
Hmmm I dont really know about that but why dont you use diana stalder products the whitening cream and papaya kojic soap or the black whitening soap. Their products are very effective getting rid of those darks spots. Please read customers testimonials and see photos..鈥?/a>
cocoa butter neither is a fading or tanning cream, but evens out your over-all skin tone.. if exposed much to the sun, skin can get darker.. jamaica is a sunny place, that's why..

the way to fade dark spots is to use a good skin lightening cream and a high spf sunscreen.. skin lighteners will lighten the dark spots, sunscreen will keep it that way.. here's a good source for safe and effective skin lightening products -

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